Trianglerooms - First of all, these are fair games that are available to absolutely everyone.

Why is the game based on cryptocurrency?

First of all, these are fair games that are available to absolutely everyone, because the ticket price in any round of the rooms is only 0.011 ETH ≊ 3.42 EUR

Unlike various lotteries, slot machines, casinos and other games of chance, where the organizers can easily choose the winner if they want to, is a system that completely excludes the possibility of interfering with the algorithm for determining the winner and works on the basis of a decentralized smart contract.

The algorithm is not "confidential material" and is described in detail in section Algorithm. Learn how it works and you will understand that all games are completely transparent and honest, allowing absolutely any participant to become a winner without exception!

There are 4 game rooms: red green blue purple. The rooms differ from each other in the number of tickets and, consequently, the amount of prize that the winner will receive (the winning ticket).

The game rules are really that simple. Users buy tickets, and as soon as the last ticket in the round of any of the rooms is bought, the winner will be automatically determined by the proprietary algorithm incorporated into the logic of the smart contract, then a new round will start. You can find detailed rules of the game in the section Rules of the game.

To play the game, you just need to buy a ticket, the cost per ticket is only 0.011 ETH ≊ 3.42 EUR

If you are not familiar with the cryptocurrency yet and you don't have a crypto-wallet, we have prepared a step by step manual for you the Cryptocurrency registration and Cryptocurrency refill sections.

Commission makes only 10%, which is included in the ticket price.

The aim and objective of our project is to enable people become richer while maximizing their anonymity.

Why is the game based on cryptocurrency?
The Blockchain system offers maximum security, reliability, and absence of any supervisory authority.
The system operates based on a decentralized smart contract, which contains the logic for determining the winner and automatic payments to the winners. There is no third party between you and the contract.
Complete anonymity, which is an important element in modern times!
Fast transfer rate of coins directly. Without intermediaries and extra eyes!
Low coin transfer fees, depending on the amount being transferred! - are triangles where every member is part of a system that makes people richer every day!