After last year’s backlashes and continuous strain on the Fantasy Gold Coin, it became awfully quiet around the once so vibrant E-sports project. “After both Cryptopia and Coinexchange going down, we were suddenly cut off from trading. The timing couldn’t have been worse, since we had been developing intensively throughout that first part of 2019. While both platforms were nearly ready to launch, we suddenly simply didn’t have the funds anymore to continue the project” referring to FGCarena, their E-sports platform and DraftDaily, the fantasy sports part of the project.

The team of developers dissolved, leaving Fantasy Gold virtually a dead project for months.

At the beginning of 2020 however a new team has formed and started working again on the once so highly acclaimed Fantasy sports project. Joined by some of their former developers, they had somewhat of a flying start this year -or rather restart- by finishing virtually all the work that was laid down last year. “About 90% of development was already there, so we just had to pick up and finish these products” Ofcourse the finishing touches usually take a lot more work than expected, but until now it seems the FGC team is really on the verge of delivering on their claims.

“Right now we are working on a big update of our blockchain, virtually putting 4 updates into one” As they were a bit behind as you can expect, this is the last step of updates to the existing infrastructure. “after this update, we can really start moving forward again”

Ofcourse this would still leave the FGC project without a working exchange, do you guys have any new trading platforms in mind? “We do have a few options there in the old fashioned-exchange sense of the word, but we’re also working on an idea of our own to make FGC easily tradable again”

Right now the FGC github is flooding with new code, so exciting times are indeed ahead it would seem.

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