U.S. Court decision to support legal sports betting

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Thread: U.S. Court decision to support legal sports betting

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    Default U.S. Court decision to support legal sports betting

    U.S. Court decision to support legal sports betting

    Opportunity awaits! American law and policy makers are working on frameworks to introduce and support the legalization of sports betting.

    Last week, the United States dismissed a 26 year old federal ban on sports betting, providing the opportunity for the 50 states to reconstitute their policies to allow legal wagers on popular competition sports. Nevada, the only state which has catered for this market for almost 26 years, has reported that Nevada Sports Books had collected $4.8 billion in wagers in 2017.

    Further reports from the American Gaming Association, has estimated that illegal sports betting in the United States account for $150 billion in wagers each year. From the recent change in legislation, keen punters will soon have the opportunity to participate in the excitement of sports betting within a safe and open environment.

    Legalizing sports betting will help support the gaming community enjoy the activities of betting, but how are we going to uphold the integrity of book keeping? While existing online sports prediction industries have undergone rapid development, all its current underlying technologies are based on centralized algorithms, internal computing systems, and the announcement of winners.

    Traditional online sports prediction platforms face a number of problems, such as unfairness experienced by customers due to tampered algorithms, fraudulent behavior committed by the sports organizers (especially for small prediction platforms), as well as hack attacks and false information provided in credit card transactions.

    The solution? Blockchain Technology.

    With extensive industry experience, the UniGame team, is pioneering the way blockchain technology is utilized in the realm of sports predictions and is dedicated to solving the conundrum once and for all. By storing the platform data on the blockchain, all users can be assured that the data is credible and traceable, verifiable and cannot be tampered with, eliminating manipulation behind the scenes.

    In this multi-trillion-dollar industry, UniGame is strategically positioned to become a market leader.

    With strong partnerships with the IP owners of top global events, experienced team members and gaming licenses in multiple countries; UniGame has taken the foreground of the blockchain-based sports prediction industry and has laid the groundwork for the launch of its real-world application.

    UniGame’s blockchain-based global sports prediction platform covers kickboxing, football, basketball events and is exclusively licensed with International Boxing Federation (IBF), Kunlun Fight, and Glory of Heroes (GOH).

    Participants are able to use Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), in exchange for UniGame’s UniCoin (UNC) token. UniCoin (UNC) is now officially trading on HitBTC.

    For more information and to view a copy of the whitepaper please visit www.unigame.com.

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