Letís try a signals app: Coin Push Crypto Signals

In the Cryptosphere, we see that different coins and tokens make great price movements almost every day. Crypto trading offers a fun, albeit risky, environment. In order to win, itís necessary to successfully predict which coin will go when.

When it comes to crypto signals, expensive Telegram groups that give buying and selling recommendations by "experts" and some similar applications come to mind, but the app I'm going to talk about now is completely different from these.

Coin Push Crypto Signals follows crypto charts without the human factor and generates
on-the-fly alerts by evaluating price movements according to certain algorithms. In fact, what day traders do is simply follow price charts throughout the day. But Coin Push is doing it 24/7 for 70 different coins. Imagine a monster that follows the charts for you without sleeping, without getting tired, without needing a rest!

Itís a simple mobile app for mobile phones. After installing the application, we choose the coins we want to follow. Coin Push generates 8 different types of signals according to the price movements of the coins we follow:

● Graph squeeze signals
● Break-up signals
● Break-down signals
● Going up signals
● Going down signals
● Sudden volume signals
● Extreme up signals
● Extreme down signals

Now let's take a look at what these signals do.

Perhaps the most promising signal type is ďgraph squeeze signalsĒ, as narrowing bands, forming triangles and price squeezes on trading charts indicate that big moves are approaching.

Graph Squeeze Signals
They show that price movements are occurring within a distinctly tightening band. A triangle-like shape is forming on the chart and there will be a big price action in the near future.
How we trade: We should decide according to the main trend. During the day, squeezes are often broken in the same direction as the main trend. We can consider opening a position in the same direction as the main trend or wait for the break-up or break-down signal for a safer trade.

For more information about how to trade signals, please refer to Coin Push Crypto Signals website.

When deciding how to trade all signals, we should always keep in mind what the main trend of the market is. Most events that generate signals are followed by moves in the same direction as the main trend.

Crypto Signals Telegram
You can find many trading ideas in Telegram groups. But all of them are produced by people who claim to be experts in this field. Yes, they can be experienced traders. They may be successful in trading, but this does not mean that their trading advice will always be positive.
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Free Crypto Signals

You are looking for opportunities for day trading by following crypto charts all day long. Coin Push does this automatically and sends notifications for dozens of different coins.
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