No doubt, the crypto market is laden with exciting opportunities for the average investor, but with a lot of investment schemes and packages on the internet, it can be overwhelming for a beginner to make an investment decision.

One project that has got investors talking is $Rewards. This project is poised to deliver value to investors. What is $Rewards and how can I join?

$Rewards (REWARDS TOKEN – Automatic USDT Rewards Token) is a liquidity generation and a frictionless protocol. It is also a blockchain-powered project. The project rewards every participant for holding the $Reward token. The more you hold the token in your digital wallet, the more reward you will receive. The good part of the project is that investors will also automatically earn $USDT every hour.

The goal of the project is to make $Rewards holders richer. The team at $Rewards intends to empower every crypto enthusiast to enable them to better manage their financial security. The team also intends to give back to the society in the form of charity. The vision of the project is to create economic opportunity for token holders and every stakeholder on the $Reward protocol.

Every buy transaction on the $Rewards network will incur a 12% tax. The tax is splitted into two - for USDT rewards and to provide a sufficient liquidity pool. Conversely, every sell transaction on the $Rewards protocol will incur a 15% tax. The 15% tax will be splitted into 4 categories, as follows:
● Automatically to USDT Rewards
● To provide capital to the liquidity pool.
● Sent to the token redistribution.
● Rewards for auto burn

Passionate about joining the $Rewards movement? Then join the $Rewards Telegram group via Telegram: Contact @rewardsusdt. $Rewards is a long-term token designed to generate passive income to token holders in $USDT.