New System
The new system will improve the old MMM system to increase more long term stability, more currency stability by using USDT like fiat currency.

New Style
The new style of user interface, you can browser to the menu easily. You can see the matching pair easily. You can see the transaction clearly.

Best Currency
We use USDT as currency to transfer. No need to find any token, USDT is well known which you can trade on the top exchange, eg. Poloniex, Balance,

Recommended Wallet
Tronlink: TronLink | Professional USDT-Tron (TRX) Wallet
Tokenpocket: TokenPocket - Your universal digital wallet | TP wallet - EOS wallet - ETH wallet - BTC wallet - IOST wallet - BOS wallet - COSMOS wallet - Binance wallet - MOAC wallet - ENU wallet - Jingtum wallet - ENU wallet
Token: imToken | Ethereum & Bitcoin Wallet
Viawallet: ViaWallet | 专业安全的多链多币种钱包

How to open wallet browser

How to get USDT on Tron network

USDX888 MMM system with advanced technology of cryotocurrency to transfer money and confirm transaction automatically.
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