CGA that has successfully completed its first private sales is carrying out CGA Coin free sales with limit quantity with promoting exchange market ahead.

CGA COIN | Cryptocurrency
Crypto Gaming Alliance (Here and after known as CGA) who is showing various values of the eco-system between gamer, developer, seller, coin holder with an already completed platform begins their 1st free sale on March 25th.

CGA has Hard Fork the DAG algorithm Nano which has completed its safety and technology verification in the market and developed CGA Coin, and they have applied the advantage of feeless and its instant transaction speed into the game platform and store payment.

The sales amount from the free sale will be used for overall marketing expenses of the CGA Platform and system matters expense such as game developer(company)a Alliance participation support etc. They are aiming for early release of various new games from CGA GAMES.


Free sales is carried out in a Coin swap form and it may be purchased through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether(ERC-20), Ripple. The sales price taking Tether(USDT) as standard is 0.2 USDT, and limited amount of 20,000,000 coin is sold starting March 25th. Once the limited amount is sold, the event will end early. Detailed information regarding free sales can be check from the CGA and CGA Coins Official homepage.

* CGAs Game Platform Can be Checked at CGA GAEMS Official Website
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* CGA Coin free sales begin March, 25th. Detail matters can be check from the official homepage CGA COIN | Cryptocurrency