Crypto Gaming Alliance is releasing a Mining System where CGA Coin can be earned through free game play from the company game platform and starting the service.

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Crypto Gaming Alliance (Here and after known as ‘CGA’) who has introduced the hash, encrypted algorithm in various game has presented a CGA Coin Holding Program where it shares profit that occurs from CGA GAMES, the company game platform with the coin holders.

CGA has introduced the CGA Coin Holding Program as a program when CGA Coin holder applies to register a Program and maintains the coin in the relevant account wallet for a certain period, they can achieve 40% of the entire profit. The amount of coin and Holding period may be selected when joining the Program, the minimum Holding period starts from 1 month and there are no limits in the quantity of Holding.

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CGA also made the game platform profit distribution percentage public. When looking at the entire profit occurred from the game platform as 100%, 15% is used for platform maintenance and marketing, 40% is used on the Coin Holding Program and the rest of the 40% is paid to the game developer and company. Especially the 40% profit provided to the game developer and company induces new game developer (company) to participate contributing to accelerate game platform expansion through various game launch and eco-system development.

The authorities of CGA has answered regarding the non-mentioned 5% that “the rest of the 5% from the entire profit of CGA game platform will be donated to international organizations for supporting environment, starvations problems and so on, and this allows all users affiliated with the CGA eco-system to grant good influence throughout the world.”

* CGA’s Game Platform Can be Checked at CGA GAEMS Official Website
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* CGA Coin free sales begin March, 25th. Detail matters can be check from the official homepage