With several cryptocurrency projects for investors to take advantage of, it can be hard finding one that doesnt require your active participation. Today, most people are familiar with staking, farming, or clicking a link to get rewards from coins.

All of these comes with some bad experiences. Unaware investors have been scammed with their accounts and money stolen.

What if you have the opportunity of investing in a project that doesnt require any clicking of links, staking, or farming? You simply buy and hold while your investment grows. If you think that is not possible, then Zoomer is your escape route to farming and staking of coins.

Whats the buzz about Zoomer?

Zoomer is a community-driven project designed to give holders of the Zoomer coin reward for holding their coins in the long term. Zoomer is a deflationary Binance Smart Chain token designed to provide passive rewards to its token holder. For every transaction, holders get a reward while it locks each transaction to a permanent liquidity pool.

You want to be part of the Zoomer community, here is what you need to know

You can be part of the Zoomer community (Zoomer Community) without any stress. Yes, buy Zoomer, hold, and spread the word about Zoomer. You can use PancakeSwap to buy Zoomer using BNB. Every 5% of Zoomer transaction is distributed to all holders as a reward. Interestingly, you dont have to participate in any farming or staking to get rewards.

Enjoy yourself every day as your Zoomer token grows daily.Get into the moving train. We are almost at the end of the inception stage. We will transit to the expansion stage before moving into centralized exchanges. Start early to earn high rewards before the evolution stage.