On February 18, 2021, NASA made history by landing the Perseverance rover on
the surface of the planet Mars. The entire thing was streamed to millions of
inspired citizens, and we were treated to truly incredible moments of wonder as
the rover touched down onto the red planet.

One artist has arguably made it even more epic by editing the live streamed video
and adding original music, making it one of the first real Mars music videos! And
now that music video is for sale as a single copy in the form of an NFT and
unpublished anywhere else. Itʼs aptly titled, Perseverance (Mars Landing Art

If youʼve been living under a rock(arenʼt we all, thanks to COVID?) and havenʼt
heard of an NFT yet, hereʼs what Wikipedia says:

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data on a digital ledger called a
blockchain, where each #NFT can represent a unique digital item, and thus they are
not interchangeable. NFTs can represent digital files such as art, audio, video, and
other forms of creative work.
Non-fungible token - Wikipedia

This means that the Perseverance music video can be purchased and owned only
by a single person(or entity) and that ownership is forever stamped onto an
immutable blockchain. It cannot be stolen from the owner, it cannot be
counterfeited(because of timestamps you can point to the original), and only one
person can own it. If scarcity is the primary driver of value, then, a unique one-ofa-kind NFT asset which can only be owned by a single person could be the very
definition of valuable. Will these kinds of unique art pieces become highly valuable
and sought-after assets? No one can be sure, but surely there will be a space
aficionado somewhere that would love to be the sole owner of a Mars Landing
music video.

Perseverance (Mars Landing Art Piece) - Original Music #NFT
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