YPro.Finance - Farming officially started - 4000% APY on all pools! Join our farms now and earn the highest reward!

YPro.Farm officially started on 03.03.2021!

Most important information about the launch:

YPro Token (YPRO) contract: 0x067085aA0FF4e97A3C61BF06DE618E0aAe11DBc2

YPro Farm (YPF) contract: 0xAc9C0F1bFD12cf5c4daDbeAb943473c4C45263A0

How to farm - short guide:

1. Go to the farming page and choose the pool you want to stake LP tokens.

2. Connect your metamask wallet.

3. Get Uniswap Uni-V2 LP tokens to stake:

DAI/ETH pool

4. When you've LP's in your wallet balance, then choose how many you want to stake and click the button "Approve & Stake".

That's all! Now you'll be automatically rewarded with YPro Farm Tokens (YPF).

Currently, you can earn with 4000% APY on each pool! Join our farms now!