ZiLCoin (ZRO) is an initiative of Advanced Analysis Australia. ZiLCoin represents no less than freedom from the debt trap for the average borrower around the world. By using blockchain technology, our platform will ensure that everyone benefits from new lending opportunities never seen before.

The time has come to launch the Zero Interest Loan coin (ZRO). For each ZiLCoin (ZRO) token acquired (bought) an additional ZiLCoin (ZRO) token will be placed in a pot for loans. Immediately after 40% of the tokens are sold, then borrowers will be able to borrow for short-term loans using Ether as collateral. Soon, other crypto currencies will be able to be used as collateral for these operations. The ultimate aim is to enable interest free home loans in Australia, the US and around the world.

Importantly, the borrower need only pay back the principal with no interest at the Ether rate. Later, when other cryptos are accepted as collateral, the borrower need only pay back the crypto or fiat used as collateral at the rate in place when the loan was taken out. The borrower is then shielded from the fluctuations on the market and so is ZilCoin.

ZiLCoin is an opportunity to help businesses and economies rebuild after years of attrition under a system which offered more exploitation than support.

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