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Real estate is an important cornerstone in each robust
and profitable investment strategy, as it comes with
benefits no investor can afford to ignore, parcularly
with the use of crypto-currency in the world today. With
interest rates now geng constantly outstripped by
inflaon, classic safe investments like government
bonprofitable investment.

Also, with the fact that Germany is the eighth most
visited country in the world, with a total of 407.26
million overnights during 2012. This number includes
68.83 million nights by foreign visitors, the majority of
foreign tourists in 2009 coming from the Netherlands,
the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

Also, Germany is the fourth strongest economy in the
world with a stable polical environment, but despite
these facts, demand for real estate has been exceeding
supply for nearly a decade: Within the last few years,
considerably less property has been built than required.
Between 2011 and 2015 alone, the shorall accounted
for 540,000 apartments Ė since then, the undersupply
has only become more severe. As a result of this, 3.2
million housing units need to be constructed by 2030.
Based on an esmated average price per housing unit of
Ä 325,000, this equals a potenal GDV of Ä 1 trillion on
the German real estate market within the next 10 Years.
All these facts make Germany a beer place for real
estate investment.

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