Innovative automated World-class crypto trading bot platform
1,000 currency pairs of the global top exchanges are monitored through the automated crypto profit-taking platform in real time, and if the currency price of one exchange is lower than the price of the second exchange, it will automatically analyze and make thousands transaction per second to make a profit

phpTrader Asian Market Official Service Launch Event
20USDP gift event when new registration & ID pass.
* Nov 5, 2020 ~ Nov 30, 2020 The maximum prize money limit is 200,000 USDP.

Develop automated transaction bots to maintain the safest and most efficient investment.
Our R & D team will research and develop transaction bots that collect and analyze the flow of blockchain coins distributed all over the world.
It provides a new revenue model for everyone interested in financial transactions.

Our trading bot collects and analyzes market information in the fastest and most accurate way.
Our trading bot collects and analyzes market price information of dozens of exchanges and virtual currencies in real time.
Based on this, we find the most optimal trading point and secure a stable rate of return.
The AI ​​trading bot finds the best trading model by analyzing trading frequency and market price fluctuations.

Our AI bot offers 3 options.
inter-exchange bots
It is a specialized trading system for scanning, analysis, strategic development and trading by statistical profit-taking between the exchange and exchanges. We provide an automatic profit-taking system by using the exchange system.

Market profit gain trading bots
It is a specialized trading system for scanning, analysis, strategic development and transactions by statistical margin trading within a single exchange. We provide a profit transaction system for automobiles within the single-person exchange.

Market maker bot
Personal artificial intelligence trading bots deals with some of the best signal providers or top traders, it is designed to be traded faster and more efficiently and to generate secure revenue.

And after completing the identity verification of the new subscribers will get 20USDP (20USD)