How to create a cold Bitcoin Wallet (offline wallet)?

Cold storage of cryptocurrency (cold bitcoin wallet) is a way of storing private keys on devices disconnected from the Internet, that is, offline.

To create a cold bitcoin wallet offline:
1) Go to the website Bitcoin Wallet (BTC). Create a Bitcoin Wallet. Online Wallet for Bitcoin. Official Site.
2) Wait until the page is fully loaded
3) Disconnect the Internet
4) Enter any email and password
5) After entering the wallet, save the private key (!)
6) Close the site

- Cold bitcoin wallets ensure the maximum safety of the cryptocurrency.
- Unused wallets installed on devices disconnected from the Internet provide absolute reliability. can be used simultaneously as a hot and cold bitcoin wallet. For convenience, the site has been translated into several languages, including Romanian ( Portofel Bitcoin in limba Romană (BTC). Creați un Portofel Bitcoin. Site-ul Oficial ), Vietnamese ( Vi Bitcoin bằng Tiếng Việt (BTC). Tạo Vi Bitcoin. Trang Web chinh thức. ), Indonesian ( Dompet Bitcoin dalam Bahasa Indonesia (BTC). Buat Dompet Bitcoin. Situs resmi. ) etc. If you generated a wallet offline without the Internet, you will get a cold wallet, if with the Internet, then a hot one.