Konusplatform operates a very wide portfolio of income streams such as Crypto trading, mining Crypto currencies with the latest hardware as well as Forex trading with our programmed EA. Our skills have been sharpened and refined over a trading period of 3 years
We are structured for long term growth by providing excellent returns on investments. Our teams of experts use algorithms to analyze public trading stocks and signals in the Crypto market which guides us in investing to reduce risk and generate modest returns.

Investors can only deposit a minimum of 0.0030BTC to begin investment with us which will be authorized by KonusPlatform to trade your coin in the Crypto and Forex market for the best available price in the market crediting you daily earnings of profit every 24hrs at a rate of 1.22% daily for 180days. Profits are calculated as per the volume of the investment and the aggregated profit margin which will be remitted to the investors account on a daily basis provided you have reached the minimum withdrawal of 0.00203BTC. We have provided a Bot that helps us monitor the investment of individual clients, which makes withdrawal and deposit instant and easy

For inquiries reach out to:
Telegram Moderator: @Old_expert
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