DABBY - First lending management protocol on Defi.

Dabby is a fully automated solution in the DeFi Lend space, built on the basis of Defi lending rates across multiple platforms and does not require KYC, accounts, and has no trading restrictions.


A fully automated solution combining several DefI projects at once. Dabby searches for the best deals on the market and gives its users up to 18% income per week!

The current total value locked in Dabby is more than $13,000,000!
Our protocol performs profit switching for lending providers, moving your funds between Aave, Compaund, dydx… 100% autonomously!

BOUNTY CAMPAIGN - Get up to $100

DABBY finance is offering users and community members the chance to earn on the growing market.

All you need to do is join the official channels and groups of DABBY finance and leave some comments. Then all you need to do is send the address of your Ethereum wallet and get up to $100 equivalent in Dabby tokens.

Join the following channels and claim your reward, which you can withdraw on Dabby or exchange on Uniswap:
⚡️ TELEGRAM CHAT - become a member and get $15
⚡️ TELEGRAM CHANNEL - follow this channel and get $15
⚡️ FACEBOOK PAGE - follow this page and get $10
⚡️ FACEBOOK repost - repost any post and get $10
⚡️ FACEBOOK comment - leave a positive comment with #dabbyfinance hashtag bellow any post and get $5 (up to 5 comments daily)
⚡️ YouTube comment - Leave a positive comment with #dabbyfinance hashtag and get $5
⚡️ Twitter post - make any positive tweet with #dabbyfinance hashtag and get $5
⚡️ Bitcointalk post - leave a positive comment here and get $5

Send all the proof links and your ETH wallet address to Dabby Bounty Bot and get your reward!

Hurry up to claim your $100 reward and join the channels!