Hello Friend...

So letís talk about what $25 could get you.

Starbucks with a group of friends. Maybe. If you donít get Ventis.

A night out with that special someone Ö in 1997. Never mind.

Amazon Prime membership. No, wait. Thatís more than $25 now too.

A car wash. Fun. Good luck getting that to generate ROI.

One, maaaaaaaybe two percent return in the bank. IF you leave it in the bank for an entire year.

Or you could just spend that $25 on the a Bitnamix membership instead.

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Itís quick and easy to set up, then you can just sit back and watch the Bitcoin stack up. Youíll have literally turned your $25 into a Bitcoin generating machine that WORKS.

And not just SOME of the time - itís a 24/7 autopilot MACHINE! Does that sound okay with you?

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