I'm writing today to let you guys know about a great new investment opportunity I found recently: DeFiCoin. DeFiCoin is an ERC token currently going through its presale phase, but I think that it could be a game changer for crypto. It plans to make crypto more prevalent in your everyday lives by creating a VISA card that accepts cryptocurrency. They are also planning on releasing credit lines and much more! you can check them out at DeFi Coin – Decentralized Finance Token All you need for their presale is 0.5 ETH or more that you can buy on sites like Attention Required! | Cloudflare . You can enter the presale now for a sure spot at $0.01 per DFC, but I suggest acting fast if you are interested because there is a limited amount of DeFiCoin that will be released during the presale. After the presale, the coin will be listed on uniswap and exchanges, where the price is sure to go up. I consider myself lucky for finding this coin when I did and I'm putting my all into it (emotionally and financially), so now I'm spreading the word to do my part in growing the DeFi Coin Community! You can join their discord for more information at Discord or find their new telegram at https://t.me/DeFiCoinCommunity

Article: https://www.hvy.com/tanvirzafar/defi...nt-integration