Are you having too many #Sushi, #Yam and #Carb? It is time to sip a glass of your favorite cocktail to refresh your DEFI taste bud!

COCKTAIL is a DeFi project built on TRON (TRC20) network. There is no pre-mine, no founderís shares, no VCís interests, simply an equal-opportunity staking distribution to attract a broad and vision-aligned community to steward the future of the protocol and token. The token COCK is a TRC-20 based crypto asset with a maximum total supply of 10,000.

Round 1 for #TRX, #JFI, #USDJ pools have just started. Earn over 3000% APY on staking your JFI now. Mining rewards will be decreased from round 2. The audit is in the process and will be published soon. Join and get a little tipsy now!