Friendcoin007 is a global cryptocurrency that people can use for their everyday needs and is a new global payment system.

This Platform is Like Face Book where you can post anything you would like BUT unlike Facebook, You can share your post from within it to other Social media AND also pays you in FriendCoins007.

1. For Posting - You earn 15 Coins
2. For Commenting - You earn 10 Coins
3. For Reacting - You earn 5 Coins

So, your post here can be shared from here and you will have earned 15coins for each post.

At the same time, it pays those that engage with your posts. So like You tube, it pays the owner of the Content BUT unlike YouTube it pays those that visit and that comment or react to your content!

It is also like Amazon in that it allows users to sell their products from within it!

Most importantly – it pays to be involved with this Platform.

When You invite a sign up, you earn 50 coins for each of them.

The earlier you sign up the better

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