Space Industry Enters Crypto Trading, Don’t Miss It!

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SpaceGold Corporation, a space mining startup, has introduced a new cryptocurrency, called SGOLD, to make the resources that will be mined in space available for blockchain enthusiasts. While cryptocurrency isn’t unique anymore, this token is actually fully redeemable for up to 0.1 ounces of gold.

SpaceGold Corporation was founded by William Mook and Hamidreza Jalilian to build, launch, and operate satellites to mine and refine gold from asteroids, recruiting help from Boeing, NASA, Northrop Grumman, and TriVector.

With patented technology, SpaceGold can mine resources with their lightweight, Hyper Efficient Solar-Pumped Laser (HESL) producing 60 kW of energy per one kilogram of hardware. The startup’s innovation continues into designing the first business model that distributes its future productions in the blockchain system. They believe as Facebook and JP Morgan realized the digital market is real and will expand drastically in the near future. SpaceGold will start operations by mining gold in asteroids, which will be the first currency backed by mining gold from space in history.

“We started in 2018. Until this year, people have walked away when we talked about space mining. But everything is different now because of the recent events” said Hamidreza Jalilian COO, referencing the Back to the Moon Mission advancements and Donald Trump’s Executive Order to support space mining signed on April 06, 2020. “People contact us every day to assist us with our operation. Private companies, agencies, and institutions inside and outside the U.S. Even the European Space Agency (ESA).” Pourya Sadeghi – Business Manager continued.

The company expects to raise $150 Million in the first stage of funding to launch their first satellites in 2022, returning the first asteroid mining products in 2025.

SpaceGold Corporation starts its first round of crowdfunding in forms of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). SGOLD will be available on P2PB2B exchange platform from June 20, 2020 to July 02, 2020. The token is CFTC regulated and FinCEN registered.

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