We are introducing Maningi Mines initial coin offering (ICO), a first of its kind blockchain based Mining Token based on real-world Mining Operations.

Maningi Mines has been in the business of mining for 20 years. Our mining operations spread across Africa and abroad. More importantly, we are still expanding our reach to get more gold, copper, diamond manganese, coal, and anthracite. This can only mean more gain to our investors.

We are not only promising profits to our investors but also a greater social responsibility to other stakeholders. Other than the obvious job opportunities to the underprivileged communities and boosting of the struggling countries’ economies, [urlhttps://www.maningimines.com/]Maningi Mines[/url] is set to build orphanages in remote locations of the mines to support orphans from the impoverished communities.

We are set to become the first Mining Operation to adopt Blockchain technology. The aim is to maximize our footprint in the Mining Industry and bring more economic and social benefits to our stakeholders.

This is why we feel this is the right time to introduce to you an easier way of sharing a piece of the “Maningi cake.” With our ICO cryptocurrency, customers will have faster and affordable access to our various commodities.

Through our online store, we will be giving exclusive discounts and offers to our token holders only, also allowing a Token holder to purchase the various commodities mined with their Maningi Tokens at discounted rates, Where we will be turning the Commodites mined into jewellery such as Gold Necklaces, Diamond Rings ect… We will also be able to ship all discounted orders purchased anywhere around the world.

We project that our investors will be the first beneficiaries as we move to blend real-world mining and Blockchain technology!