I want to share with you the news that the myBTCnetwork.com network has launched its own forum on which you can get bitcoins for creating discussions and posts on it.

- For the creation of each discussion, you get 0.00000100 BTC
- For a post in the discussion, you get 0.00000050 BTC

For security reasons, payment (transfer to the main myBTCnetwork.com account) takes place every day on the previous day.
If the moderator deletes your discussion or post within 24 hours, you will not receive a reward.
You can see the entire history of rewards on the forum in the "my history" section, as well as your statistics in your panel.

The forum supports 2 branches at once - English and Russian. To switch branches, you need to change the language on the site.

Direct url to forum: myBTCnetwork | Fast and Secure Way to Buy and Sell Bitcoins

Also in this network you will find:

- The ability to buy and sell bitcoins without documents.
To confirm the deal, the buyer only needs to upload a screenshot of the transaction from the payment system.
- Internal deal escrow protection system.
In case of cheating by one of the parties, the system will complete the deal or cancel it.
- A transparent system of conducting transactions.
The entire history of the transaction is available in one place, everyone receives an alert on the transaction process.
- The mechanism for sending bitcoins among network users.
Payments among network users are instant and completely free.
- Ability to publish your sites.
Each user can publish his site and put the btc amount of a click on it. If the site has no paid clicks, it will simply be displayed in alphabetical order after the paid ones.
- Ability to earn bitcoins for clicks on sites.
Every 24 hours, when you click on a paid site, you will receive the amount that the publisher determined for clicking on this site.
- Fully automated site.
All deposits and withdrawals occur instantly and automatically. Transactions are monitored by a separate protection system.
- Independence from third-party services.
The site is completely independent from other services, uses its own node and its technologies
- Mobile friendly.
The site is optimized for any mobile device.
- Affiliate program.

Earn by attracting new users.
URL: https://mybtcnetwork.com/
FAQ: https://mybtcnetwork.com/faq
Affiliate program information: https://mybtcnetwork.com/affiliate