Anonymoux Investigator

anonymoux investigator

Over the past years there has been a surge in loss of Bitcoin through ICO , phishing, malware and romance scams. There is no traditional financial institution that will provide a layer of protection to your earnings and no law enforcement agency to catch cryptocurrency thieves. Government agencies have only just begun to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges.

Most Bitcoin theft are as a result of inadequate wallet security on the part of the user. Social engineering ( phishing or malware) is used most of the time. You receive email messages that appear to be from financial institutions that try to trick recipients into giving private information (i.e., username, password, account number, etc.) and get redirected to a phishing site and within seconds the con men gets hold of your credentials. It can also come through malware. Most malware email attachments include code or exploits to cause your computer to download more malware from the internet. These email attachments are often small, customized, and not widely spread making them hard to detect by antivirus software and when executed, it steals your credentials and also wreck havoc to your computer.

Lots of measures has been put in place to avoid all this. I can give you tips and also help you if you have lost bitcoin in a scam( ICO scam) or any crypto has been stolen from your wallet, or completely lost of your wallet( recover your crypto wallet).

You can send me a message or better still visit our website and register you're complains

anonymoux investigator

We also offer other range of services. I and my team will do our best to help you recover your lost funds