Before addressing the most frequently asked question how to sell BTC on I want my readers to know why LocalBitcoins is the best online platform for buying and selling Bitcoins; nevertheless, there are numerous different platforms where you can sell bitcoins. You can start an account at trusted trade exchange CEX.
Apart from that, you can also sell bitcoin in the physical world through bitcoin ATM, but the most reliable, authentic, fastest, and the secure way is the peer-to-peer network, which is doing a private trade with another individual.
Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Network
Some additional benefits of the peer-to-peer network are:
Buyers can choose any payment method which would be feasible to them
You donít have to worry about lots of paperwork or bureaucracy.
Generally, the parties involved in this network are high net worth traders or organizations.
Since 2012, has been trusted as a peer-to-peer network for buying and selling bitcoins. It is the largest crypto exchange platform existing on the internet.
LocalBitcoins allows people to sell bitcoins at a specific rate under mutually agreed terms and conditions for very minimum transaction fees.
Potential buyers can perceive the ads posted by the seller in their local currency. You can meet the person if you feel more secure. (Although it isnít regarded as a good practice to meet person)
How LocalBitcoins is secure
LocalBitcoins protects users by storing the proposed sale of crypto in an escrow account which is controlled and regulated by them.
Once the seller receives his payment, the crypto is received by the buyerís account. Since 2012, Local Bitcoins has acted as a trusted intermediary, but you must trust this platform to sell and purchase BTC.
How can I start selling on LocalBitcoins ?
Follow the instruction here : How to Sell Bitcoins on LocalBitcoins - LocalBitcoinsWiki
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