LocalBitcoins is the fastest peer-to-peer bitcoin trading platform with over 100000 active members from 249 different countries around the globe. On LocalBitcoins, you can buy bitcoins conveniently via your local currency.
This methodology is often regarded as over-the-counter (OTC) trading.

People often prefer to buy and sell bitcoins through this platform because it facilitates fast transactions and diverse payment methods. Centralized bitcoin exchanges are comparatively slow and difficult to manage; however, trading directly with the advertiser via the same payment provider makes the money moves faster. It creates a better user experience for the customer.
There are plenty of Bitcoin traders around the globe who are earning their living through bitcoin trading on Localbitcoins and more than 60+ payment methods, this will assist you in becoming an active member of localbitcoin trading platform.
When you are interested in buying bitcoins through local bitcoin peer-to-peer platform then there are too many questions which strikes our mind such as how to buy bitcoin though localbitoin?
What is the most appropriate way to buy bitcoin through Localbitcoins? and provide a step by step guide to buy bitcoin through localbitcoins.
Besides, I also provide you competitive analysis on why to do cash deposit through localbitcoin over other payment options.
Both seasoned and beginner bitcoin traders can find answers to all their questions on how to buy bitcoin through localbitcoins in this article.

How to pay when you buy bitcoins through localbitcoins?

Buying bitcoins through localbitcoins is an extremely simple process. Learning how to buy bitcoin through localbitcoins is extremely simple because navigating through the interface is straightforward, even for new buyers. Here is the simple step by step to buy bitcoin through localbitcoins and Iíll also discuss methods of payment in localbitcoins
You should have to sign up for free localbitcoins account particularly if you are a newbie; however, if you are an existing user you can skip this step.

The second step is logging in and finding local advertisers with the best btc prices and feasible payment options.
Third step which is very crucial in this entire process is to start trading with your preferred sellers and deposit into your sellerís account and comply with the advertiserís terms of trade. There might be the chances that seller may require further verification methods.
The fourth and last step is to receive bitcoin via your localbitcoins wallet.
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