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Binance IEO Maticís First Pump and Dump May of 2019
Letís just pull out the magic chart since May of this year. And as we can see the first pump and dump happened then, Nasdaq shot up by over 14 percent in a matter of four days.
When this happened I put this post explaining what was going on. It wasnít only Matic back then pumping but every single Binance IEO.

A coordinated dump by Sisi. His cronies and the shit going team members of each of these projects.
Matic got crushed, Celer got a bullet traded, Gifto got smacked upside the head, BitTorrent fared the best but still got crushed by nearly 10 percent every single one of these coins pumped and then dumped at the same time.

Now, why did this happen? Well for the one you need to understand what happens with Binance IEO projects regarding token distribution, IEO has some of the most unfair and corrupted distributions in the industry.
And whatís ironic, this information is all public. Just going to the Matic and Binance launchpad IPO details, things already donít start to make sense regarding their token distribution. As we can see 19 percent of the supply of the total token was allocated to the launch pad IEO.

Binance IEO- Token Release Schedule
Now going to the chart breakdown advisors got 4 percent, stake in rewards as 12 percent, and the team gets 16 percent, almost as much as the entire public foundation, which is the team gets 22 percent and then the ecosystem which isnít in the public but Matic partners like Binance get twenty-three point three percent.
Now hereís whatís fishy. The Website in exchange Binance, the one running the IEO doesnít even have the token release schedule correct. At the top, it says thirty two point three percent of the total tokens will be the initial circulating supply.

Now after the Matic dump and panic season, the CZ Binance took to his favorite platform Twitter and said
ďOur team is still investigating the data but itís already clear that the Matic team has nothing to do with it. A number of big traders panicked, causing a cycle. Going to be a tough call and how much an exchange should interfere with peopleís trading.Ē

The Real Reason for the volatility and Dump.
Its corruption and skewed token distributions from IEOs.
So, my friends, only 19 percent of Maticís tokens are in the public hands.
According to Etherscan, the top hundred holders of Matic own ninety-nine point one percent of the supply. Who do you think is the largest percentage owner of Matic tokens, besides, it came already dumped 3 percent.

Binance IEO Ecosystem Allocations
Well, look at all other Binance IEO ecosystem allocations. HarmonyOne over 20 percent, Band protocol over 20 percent. How about wink? Oh even more. But in the 20 percent range as well.

Why? Because Warby and Binance are the best of friends and both supply each other with their American connections.
For example, Binance launches stable coin by USD. Who did they partner with? PAXOS, itís the same one who Obie used. And guess what.

Concluding words
Itís obvious this is their compliant over the counter desk being used to penetrate markets with the exchanges name but under owners who wonít automatically go to jail. Koi compliance and BAM trading are tools still under seizes control.
Just now he has a plan in place to take the heat off of them from regulators. Now you want to know what is funny. This was all set up and coordinated by a former high-level employee at another Chinese exchange who has done something similar.

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