Cryptocurrencies have countless applications and use cases.
Instead of pretending to be a catch-all crypto,
FYD coin is a community-driven digital currency aimed at becoming the de facto currency of the gig economy.
Itís no secret that freelancers are driving the most signiŚcant labor migration in history.
As of 2018, up to 36% of the US workforce is composed of gig econo 36% of the US
workforce is composed of gig economy laborers. Worldwide, that number is remarkably similar.
However, freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork charge high fees, are completely centralized,
and require a bank account to use. As such,
a decentralized workforce needs a decentralized P2P currency upon which it can rely.

Fydcoin is a cryptocurrency for the gig economy. With staking and masternodes and a decentralized marketplace for freelancers.
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