Coenx Advertising and Reward Platform

Coenx is a hybrid reward token which rewards users for viewing ads for free. Tokens are generated only when users view ads. So no pre-mine coins are available. Only 96M total supply. Right now the total number of token generated is 0.

Users can start viewing ads and generate tokens from the launch date.

Get verified and start with Coenx*

Coenx is a new form of digital advertising company in the crypto as well as online space. Which gives the power back to the user. Making the world a better place by developing a reward system that works for an average user to generate crypto with least effort. With our unique reward based cryptosystem which is called Proof of View, users spend their time viewing ads for the coenx token, which is been rewarded in a systematic way to the users. This eliminates the third parties services that that acts as a bridge between advertiser and user with a hefty fee.

Coenx Token
Coenx is rewarded by viewing ads, so there are no tokens unless an impression for an advertisment is been created and it also has a limited supply. After working for years with the proper methodology we come to make the availability of the tokens limited. This makes its potentially more worthy.

For Advertisers
Advertisers now can generate a positive effect on their marketing campaigns by using our platform. Each user in coenx is verified with their emails for security and real views generation purpose. This means each click you get is from a real user who might be interested in your product or service.

The average cost per click in the online advertising space is between $1 and $2. The average CPM on the Display Network which is banners are under $1. With your advertising solutions, you get a better price on both the Proof of View and Banner Ads. This helps you generate quality visits at a better price which gives you peace of mind about not worring on the complicated advertising space today and the bot traffic which is of no use.

Creating a campaign is a two-step process in Coenx back office and you can view the campaign statistics, make changes and let the POV do its magic. For advertisers, this is the place to generate real-world traffic with least efforts.

For Users
Every user who gets verified with their proof of identity can start viewing POV ads from the first day and generate Coenx tokens. Verified free users will have a set of ads to view each day to be rewarded with tokens. This is not done yet, the most important aspect is the commission that you can generate. Look down for referral details.

For verified paid users how bought POV Credits have higher daily rewards, which helps to grow your coenx tokens. POV Credits gives you the ability to view more number of ads which in turn generates more tokens for you.

We at coenx after all the legal considerations, developed an internal exchange for anyone to use. Advertiser and users can use this to exchange their coenx tokens with other cryptos available on the platform. Not only this but you get the lowest fee in the industry of 0.03%. We believe that any crypto user needs to have the right to control the fee he wants to pay. keeping that in mind, we developed a staking program for users. Where users can stake coenx and reduce their exchange fee up to 50% to 100% which will make the fee as low as 0.015 % and no fee respectively.

With coenx referral system, both free and paid users earn good commission.

Advertising sold generates 10% commission.
POV Credits sold generates 10% commission.
Exchange fee generated 10% fee is paid as a commission.
Both Free and Paid referrals generate up to 10% of the ads they viewed.

The more referrals, the more you make. It doesn't matter whether you are a paid viewer or a free viewer. With a good number of referrals, you can generate enough coenx tokens.

Risk Disclaimer
The information provided on this website provided by the person on the team, admin should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrency or any specific provider, service or offering. It is not a recommendation to purchase credits or trade until you know what you doing or have something to lose. Cryptocurrencies are speculative, complex and involve significant risks – they are highly volatile and sensitive.