Many people have achieved large gains with the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Recent decrease after a huge rise upset many investors and entrepreneurs. What is more, trusts towards cryptocurrencies significantly decreased. Although increasing trend failed to continue until 2018, there are still altcoins with daily high volume. It is still possible to profit from daily transactions. But most entrepreneurs and investors do not know the correct methods for daily trades. We are offering our services since 2018 with the software we developed on our own

How does our software work?*
This software we have developed on our own selects frequently used keywords in breaking news shared on all social network platforms (Twitter, forums etc.) (you can select keywords like Bitcoin or Ripple etc.). Altcoin with highest keyword match is again filtered with 6 different indicators on our software. Altcoin that is predicted to have increased purchased is shared in our VIP group.

How much can you profit?
You can achieve 4-7% profit rate with daily transactions.
(Only monthly basis, you can earn approximately 2-fold profit of your investment with this percentage.

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