TUNE Token, a blockchain project with support from world-renowned artists, is stirring
interest in the music industry. TUNE Token technology is integrated into the app, Cre8tor
(formerly RecordGram), which is available for download in Apple App and Google Play
stores. Users can download a beat, create their own song or video content, and then share
their content to the existing Cre8tor community. Payments can be made conveniently
through the usersí local currency, opening the service to a global audience.
Tune Software (Tune) is a software development company utilizing blockchain technology,
smart contracts and digital tokens to create innovative mobile apps. Tuneís primary mission
is resolving issues related to digital songwriter rights and royalty payments within the music
Furthermore, within Tuneís tokenized, democratized ecosystem, users can send tips to their
favorite content creators, thereby incentivizing users to create their own content. The
platform fosters creativity, content development and content sharing.
Tune is under a licensing agreement with TechCrunch Disrupt Cup winner Recordgram, the
developers of the Cre8tor app. Cre8tor was internationally recognized with 35 awards and
has 100,000 registered users and 40,000 active daily users.
Notably, Tuneís advisors include Billboard charting, Grammy winning artists like will.i.am and
Individuals may acquire TUNE Tokens through Bithumb Globalís Staging Season 3, with
details to be disclosed on August 10th at Bithumb Global https://bit.ly/2KErKro