Cryptocurrencies have recently taken over the trading industry. Even on IQ Option many traders have tried out their hand on bitcoin trading and became successful. If you are new to this, then this article will educate you on all you need to know about bitcoins and bitcoin trading.

As mentioned earlier, bitcoin is mainly supported by a global peer-to-peer network. This network operates the bitcoin software. This software then deals with all transactions that involve bitcoins. These transactions are then interpreted by a blockchain software thatís installed by users in their computers.

Buying bitcoins.
Thanks to technology, it is very easy to buy bitcoins. All you need us to sign up for an e-wallet and cryptocurrency exchange platform. There is good news, all IQ Option users automatically have an account at Hodly. Hodly is an e-wallet and exchange platform owned and managed by IQ Option ltd. Just like IQ Option, it is efficient and offers its users smooth experience.

Once you have signed up, you will have to deposit the amount of money you intend to invest using your debit or credit card. From here, buying bitcoins is just as easy as buying any other traditional currency. Hodly also provides you with a safe store where you can keep your electronic money.

Once you have bought your bitcoins, store them and wait for its price to rise. Once its price has risen to a satisfactory price, you can then resell your bitcoins in exchange for a traditional currency of your choice. This too can be done using Hodly.

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