I got Contacted By a friend on instagram who told me about some sort of investment,it looked really good so I decided To invest everything was going on fine until I got a message with read 'your account Has been suspended,all trades and withdrawals are currently blocked" henceforth I received no mails From the support team.

I tried To login for days then all of a sudden*

I got An alert stating my email and account Does not exist.

Luckily I came across some experts in financial fraud and lost funds recovery who helps Me in unlocking and getting all the funds I lost to these fraudsters,I was lucky i had some history Of the transactions Made to them,the experts were able to follow the coin trail back To a source Where it was recovered.

You can reach them on ; [adminctrackLtd(at)protonmail(dot) com.]

Incase anyone Who sees this is or has been a victim To these pathetic Scammers,write them requesting They help you get your funds back.

I Really hope this helps.