Bitcoin SB: The First Smart Fork in Bitcoin History

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Bitcoin SB (BSB) is the first smart fork in Bitcoin history! It keeps Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision, it’s based on the powerful Ethereum Network and focuses on offering the best user experience ever. Three
things that would have helped Bitcoin to become a real P2P electronic cash system.

Learn more: Bitcoin SB — The Bitcoin Designed for DeFi

Bitcoin SB (BSB)
The rarest Bitcoin ever made is born, don’t miss it again!
→ Max. Supply: 1,000,000 BSB
→ Circulating Supply: ~10,000 BSB
→ Where to Buy? On Uniswap from October 11th

Rugproof – Uniswap Liquidity locked on Unicrypt
All Non-Circulating Supply is locked via Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts Audited by Hacken Cybersecurity
No Presale = Stealth Launch on Uniswap (October 11th)
[LIVE] Freaking Staking Program (3 Pools):
Soft Stakers - Weekly Reward: 5% (260% APR)
Smart Stakers - Weekly Reward: 10% (520% APR)
Strong Stakers - Weekly Reward: 20% (1040% APR)
Join the program here: Staking — Bitcoin SB

Liquidity Farming Pool – Coming Very Soon
Bitcoin SB Wallet App – Testing Phase
Bitcoin SB Merchant Solutions, Huge Partnerships, Sponsoring…

"We want to fulfill what all Bitcoin enthusiasts are hoping for deep down: use a bitcoin anywhere in
the world with ease."

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