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    +80000% bitcoin day trading challenge - 2021

    Joel decided to do an insane Day Trading challenge in 2021 starting now. He will try to grow his day trading account from 100 USD to 80000 USD in 2021, growing it by +80000%.

    The strategy that he will use is based on a very tweaked set of R:R, leverage and fees.

    Watch: +80000% BITCOIN DAY TRADING CHALLENGE PART 1 - 2021 - YouTube

    His strategy:
    - Starting Balance: 100 USD
    - Technical Analysis (Triangles, Channels, Support/Resistance, RSI, Fibonacci, Macd etc.)
    - Taking profit at 2% on every trade
    - Cutting my losses at -1.8% on every trade (by using Stop Loss)
    - Leverage: 15x
    - Will use an exchange that supports low fees
    - Estimated Win Rate: 66%
    - Estimated amount of trades to reach goal: 180
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