Shopping can be fun. To some, it's only for necessities, but to others, it can be a hobby, and to other more fortunate people it is often a way of life. It's definitely more fun when you can minimize stress. Get what you want without wasting time and without traditional checkout systems that require a long process providing your most private information over and over potentially risking it with any number of retailers.

There's a majorly underused option that has existed since 2014. New York Coin. It's independent, decentralized and designed for speed.

Our goal at is to take New York Coin beyond crypto enthusiasts and people who understand "bootstraps" and technical jargon, searching through GitHubs and take New York Coin into the real world so people can enjoy this amazing technology and experience its real value. Our upcoming New York Coin Wallet Cards will provide ordinary people the benefits of New York Coin in a readily available plastic card which allows them to translate New York Coin into the type of experience they already expect from shopping... It is our way of contributing to making life easier for shoppers around the globe. Does this imply that we are in control of the coin? Definitely not. Check out NYC's community at

Decentralization is one of the main selling points of digital currencies, one of the attributes that contribute to the growth of the cryptocurrency market. We support this transition and through this coin, hope to leverage its power for the benefit of the coin users. This promising coin has a lot to offer in the future. Our goal is to gradually turn NYCFlash into a payment social network for cryptocurrency users worldwide.

One of the ways you can gauge NYC's usability is by looking at NY Coin Stores to have an idea of the wide range of businesses that currently accept this coin as a payment method. Our coin is also useful for new businesses that are looking for an opportunity to accept cryptocurrency with dramatically lower fees. NYC is an excellent way for such businesses to leverage the power of an active vibrant community to increase their patronage and generate more sales.

Our aim is to make it simple, easy, and convenient for everyone worldwide to buy it using several options. For now, however users across the globe can buy NYC with s PayPal account and use it for making purchases online.

You donít want to be selfish, do you? While enjoying the benefit of New York Coin, you can extend the same offer to your family and friends too. Tell your friends and family to sign up at Free New York Coins Online so that they can get their 1,000 NYC today! Buy New York Coin today using PayPal and enjoy a smooth payment with our digital coin.

Cryptocurrency is one of the growing trends that will define the future. The earlier you join the trend, the easier it will be for you to maximize its potential. New York Coin can bring the people of the world together. We ask you to join us in this effort. And of course, bring your friends and family along. It will be fun and rewarding.

New merchants can join the NYC Merchant Directory, And see the different opportunities available for you. Avail yourself of these opportunities to move your business forward at the speed of our coin: New York Coin.

Hello everyone, we like to have your attention for a moment. We have received a request from people regarding our sales progress so far and the gap that's created in percentage. So we like to clarify things for them and even for everyone else. We have finalized some deals with investors in Singapore (during the event we attended), where they have signed up the deal with us of purchasing 57M BPD. Therefore, the percentage that seems to be missing is actually not missing, but already allotted to them. So, the process of transaction is already in place, and in the coming weeks, there will be a transfer of their shares completed. Hope this clears any confusion that was there regarding the gap. Thank you.

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