Life today is becoming extremely challenging and tough for everyone, especially to do with the financial aspect. It has become impossible for people to survive now with just one source of income, therefore, having multiple ways is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

However, with limited time and ability, it often becomes the BIGGEST hurdle for all to manage it. But thats not an issue any longer with the rise of online opportunities to earn money. One such opportunity that has come knocking is called DoneDonate

DoneDonate is a peer 2 peer donation system that allows you to be fully anonymous as a donator or receiver. It is a fair, organize and automatically structured donation received from the community. *Receive donation via Bitcoins, Ethereum, local bank or point from potential donors.

DoneDonate program is a very simple, easy and straightforward system, which aim to help people get donation through a simple, fair and organized manner. You can start with $10 donation that gets you into the LEVEL 1, which means DoneDonate system will automatically put three $10 donors under you.

It gives you back as much as $30, which you could use to upgrade yourself to 2 Level, which enables you to receive a donation from nine people, which brings upto $270 and it continues that way till 8 Level!

So, come and be part of this simple, exciting and thrilling opportunity to make money as you have NEVER done before!