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    Bitsmo - Connecting The World Through Blockchain


    BITSMO platform is connected with 30+ of the most popular exchanges to connect you to the best price in the crypto- market, in other words, we provide deep order books enabling BITSMO’s user to get the best selling or buying price in the crypto-market. BITSMO’s matching engine is capable of processing close to 10 MM transactions per second which is 10 times faster than any other exchangers making our platform the fastest in the market today.


    The Bitsmo Exchange will enable a safe and simple transition from the mass retail market into the crypto market. The Bitsmo Exchange will accommodate a comprehensive growth in adoption and perception of cryptocurrencies and trading, directing to wider use of new cutting edge infrastructure that was not available in this market. To achieve these visions and set goals, we have not only set aside a means of generating funds, but also a team of experts in the field to ensure that we get the best of everything we intend to achieve. Users can be assured that the technicalities of this project are being by the best of the best and as such losing funds is not a possibility with this platform. Our exchange is fully regulated, with forthcoming Estonia Regulated Exchange licenses enabling users to trade with the utmost confidence

    CN - "BITSMO Community Network"

    The term BCN is a new term of an acronym that we created to emphasize our key feature. In order to create a community for a better interactive network, we focused on integrating users and current exchanges for a better communication. BCN allows anyone in the community to interact with crypto-market by increasing their liquidity while decreasing volatility.


    BTSM Specifications

    Benefit of BITSMO Coin



    Meet The Bitsmo Team



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