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    Default iCoin - The Future of Cryptocurrency Exchange!

    iCoin - The Future of Cryptocurrency Exchange!
    Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most precious things to have for people, especially in last few years with the rapid rise of Bitcoin. And with that, the obvious way to have it is via trading. But is doing Crypto trading easy? The answer is “No”, it is not easy at all. With almost all Crypto Exchange either not caring much about their clients, or charging a kind of fee, which eventually puts too much pressure on the trader to work with comfort.

    This is where iCoin is here with the revolutionary project, which will transform the Crypto trading exchange industry!

    iCoin is a blockchain-based Cryptocurrency trading platform, with all major Cryptos available to trade with new ones getting added on a routine basis. It offers user-friendly experience through ultra safe, simple and secure system, which includes the implementation of military grade security system and multiple layers of other security measurements like the Google Authenticator and Fingerprint security. With such system, it gives the users complete safety and security for their funds and private information.

    iCon works on solo vision, which is to allow users easy, simple and affordable way to do Crypto to Crypto trading, Fiat to Crypto, and corporate trading. With state of the art and advanced technologies such as GSLB, distributed storage, distributed server clusters and a high-speed memory based trading engine to provide an unmatched trading experience to the users. The whole platform is backed up on multiple machines, cold storage locations and hot wallets with offline private keys for maintaining complete data security.

    One can use iCoin through various devices, as the iCoin Trading App is available on the Google Play and Apple store, which can be downloaded on any device. This enables easy access for all users from anywhere in the world and anytime, which makes it such a revolutionary project!

    Much like everything, iCoin is also on top of the game with the referral program, which allows users to be able to earn 3x the money one could make from the usual exchange! So, with inviting people, it opens the gate to unlimited earning for one and all! You can also keep up with the constant updates, events, ICO listing, interface optimization and all much more on with the happenings in the world of Cryptos through iCoin platform!

    The iCoin platform is also available in multiple languages like English, Thai and Chinese with more to be added soon in coming months!

    But that’s not all! As anyone trading before 15th June 2018, will not be required to pay ANY fees at all. So come, be part of this revolutionary creation, which will take your experience to a different level altogether!

    Check out below for further info:

    Official Website:

    - THB to BTC Thailand Cryptocurrency Exchange | iCoin

    Trading App:

    - Google Play: iCoin - Apps on Google Play
    - Apple Store: iCoin.ex on the App Store

    Social Media Links:

    - Facebook:*https://www.facebook.com/iCoinTH/
    - Telegram:*http://www.t.me/joinchat/Iopg8RLIr0joGoR56CgV-Q
    - Twitter:*https://twitter.com/icointh
    - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/icoin.th/
    - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC96...WtROWSv3uo5zsA

    Contact Us:

    - Phone: +66 (0)2 012 5243
    - Email: service@icoin.in.th

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    If this kind of money develops more then I believe the world will go in the new direction. Both good and bad!

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