(DAO & Decentralized Games, ○△□ + Olympics concepts, Sustainable & Reasonable Rewards)

Official Site: The7Club :: DAO & Decentralized Games / NFT
Official E-mail:
Official Opensea:
Official Twitter: @the7club_io
Official Discord: The7Club

(OPEN: 25 OCT, 00:00 UTC)

[Open Event! The7Club]
7 winners in 29 Oct UTC00:00 Early Access Pass(EAP) Card will be awarded for each winner.

- How to apply -
Please complete the basic information form first and do the mission given on our web-site

- Date of result announcement -
(05 NOV, 00:00 ~ 07 NOV, 00:00 UTC, e-mail)

▶ [Phase 1: Early Access Pass]
Regardless of whether you win or not, you will have a chance to buy
Phase 2 Presales Unicorn NFT with 15% D/C and one free ticket for Phase 3 will be given.

[1] Early Access Pass Process
Period of the mission is available
25 OCT, 00:00 ~ 05 NOV, 00:00 UTC

How to join the mission
You need to complete the basic information form first and participate in the mission on our official website.
Number of winners
770 people will be randomly drawn from the participant and we will choose more people who helped us advertise the project, inspired us with a better idea,s or actively join events in our discord.
Announcement date for 777 winners
07 NOV, 00:00 UTC
Announcement date for 333 additional winners
08 NOV, 00:00 UTC
The result will be shown on our discord or participant’s personal e-mail.
(Ensure your basic information form is filled without any mistake.)
How to purchase Early Access Pass
Each winner will receive an e-mail that notifies you to win Phase 1 including the URL(Opensea).
If you click the URL, it will drive you to a private page that you can purchase your Early Access Pass.
*0.0777 ETH and meta mask wallet are needed, gas fee are necessary*
*The purchase needs to be completed with the provided URL by 11/15 23:59 UTC.*
[2] Benefits for Early Access Pass holder.

The prize (ETH) will be distributed to only 177 holders, 25 DEC, 00:00 UTC, who actively publicized the project on Twitter or discord among 777 winners.(333 additional winners)
1st place 5,000$ (only one person)
2nd place 2,500$ (3 people)
3rd place 500$ (7 people)
4th place 200$ (20 people)
5th place 100$ (146 people)

Winners will be noticed on our discord and one’s personal e-mail.

*In case, monetary airdrops are against the law, ART NFT that matches the market price of the day will be provided instead. (In Opensea or Foundation)*
When Phase 2 is opened, you will have a chance to purchase Phase 2 Unicorn NFT with 77% D/C in presales. (a.k.a White List) + 3 free tickets for Phase 3.

*You can resell or give it to another but the benefit belongs to the final owner of NFT.
Phase 2 is expected to be held in January 2022. Please look forward to it.

▶ [Phase 2: Unicorn NFT Mint]
January to February 2022 / Terra protocol (Luna)
A total of 7780 will be issued and the price isn’t fixed yet.

NFT that gives benefits in Phase 3 will be issued first.
(It will have good effects on the reward of Phase 3 with some tickets and real goods.)

Order of Mint
Presales 1 (77% off for Early Access Pass holders)
Presales 2 (15% off for Mission participants)
Public Sales (we’re unsure any NFT will be left for the public)

The rarity and benefits of NFT
Unicorn NFT (Qty. / Benefits)
Bronze 7,000 / Rewards 1.2x / 1Monthly Per Game Free ticket 1pcs
Silver 700 / Rewards 1.5x / 1Monthly Per Game Free ticket 3pcs, Goods
Gold 70 / Rewards 2.0x / 1Monthly Per Game Free ticket 5pcs, Goods
Diamond 7 / Rewards 3.0x / 1Monthly Per Game Free ticket 10pcs, Goods

Legendary 3 / ??? / It isn’t discussed yet but it will be superior

What is good to own NFT?
Benefits boost you in Phase 3 + Free tickets for Phase 3 + Being proud of yourself + A surprising gift

▶ [Phase 3: Game]
Expected in early 2Q 2022 / Terra protocol(Luna)
DAO & Decentralized Games
○△□ + Olympics concepts
Sustainable & Reasonable Rewards

!Important point!
NFT and tickets will be needed to participate in the game. The schedule and content of Phase 2 & Phase 3 can be slightly changed.

<summary & recommend Contents>
I can see many games based on Terra start launching these days.
This one looks decent as it has a well-constructed roadmap.
The reward seems reasonable as well.

Following rewarding games based on Terra
(DAO & Decentralized Games, ○△□ + Olympics concepts, Sustainable & Reasonable Rewards)

There isn’t an advantage for early birds but everyone, who has joined a mission from 25/10 to 05/11, will have a chance to be drawn as a winner.

It’s simple. Only you need to do is just sign up and finish the mission given on their main page.

<Benefits for participating and purchase>

1) A winner can purchase EAP ( Early Access Pass) through Opeansea with 0.0777 ETH ( Each winner will be sent an individual URL for purchasing.

2) Phase 2 NFT will be 15% discounted for everyone who has joined the mission while the EAP owner will enjoy its benefit which is a
77% discount for Phase 2 NFT. ( There are also some giveaways, buyback, etc )

3) A prize lottery for EAP owners will be held on the 25th of December.