Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that the BETCONIX exchange has been taken over by GN BetConix ST s.r.o.

The updated exchange will be launched in 40 days.

Our goal is to create a convenient and transparent exchange for users.

The main asset of our exchange is our users, so we are open to dialogue around the clock. We will be happy to answer all your questions. -managing director of GN BetConix ST s. r. o.

In the nearest future, our project will be able to offer you the full range of the main trading tools of a cryptocurrency trader:

Standard orders;
Complex orders;
Spot trading and trade commission cashback;
Margin trading;
Demo trading.

Exchange users are not just customers, they are part of a large BETCONIX family.

We have developed additional functionality for holders of the BNIX exchange token, specifically: all users who have token of the
BETCONIX exchange - BNIX Token in their assets have the opportunity to:
Vote for listing / delisting of assets on the exchange; Participate in the management of the exchange and vote for changes and additions to the exchange's functionality; Privileged participation in IEO projects that have been verified and submitted to the exchange; Access to the listing system with an exclusive discount.

In addition, BETCONIX users who pay a commission with BNIX tokens can reduce their trading and other fees by up to 50%!
We will be happy to welcome new users, as well as those who have already linked their trading with BETCONIX.
We offer all new users an exclusive bonus when registering on BETCONIX – 35 USD per account.

We have extensive experience in the crypto market and know that any digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, are risky.
In this regard, we are creating an insurance fund of the BETCONIX exchange to protect our users – our users' funds will always be safe.
We are also ready to offer one of the most profitable partner or referral programs. We recommend you to read our project’s Whitepaper:
We will definitely announce our news.

We remind you that we are always in touch – and welcome to the BETCONIX family!

Managing Director of GN BetConix ST s.r.o.
Andrew Plath


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