Defi Gem project: Xfinance(XFI) #ICO is live!

Please only send maximum of 20 ETH to the $XFI ICO address below:


Gas must > 100000

Hardcap: Only 200 ETH

Price: 1ETH = 1500 XFI

Token will be distributed immediately.

Uniswap is live:
Uniswap Interface

Official website
Xfinance - A defi platform base on blockchain

Xfinance customer support: @XFI_kitty

XFI token info
Total:50,000,000 XFI
Initial circulation:5,500,000 XFI(11%)
contract address:0x22Ef8B5919E9985ff1FFbA627ef7eE1e4b4b0E86

Presale price
1 XFI = 0.3 USD

Value: 20XFI $6
Referral: 5XFI $ 1.5

Step-by-step airdrop guide:
1. Talk to the telegram bot - Telegram: Contact @XfinanceAirdropbot
2. Join telegram group - https://t.me/nowex_io
3. Follow Twitter - https://twitter.com/xfinance_io and Retweet pinned post
4. Sign up a NowEx - https://www.nowex.io/ account and submit the registered account number to get airdrop

END/Distribute date
August 30th