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08-22-2011, 01:00 PM
Candlesticks and Ichimoku Trade Ideas Performance Update

Three positions were entered in USD/CHF as the Swissy was the most active currency pairs among other majors. We bought dollar initially after seeing the pair rose to 0.8020, however, as the subsequent sharp retreat from 0.8020 to 0.7825 signaled top has possibly been formed, we exited the long entered at 0.7850 at 0.7873 with small profit, then turned short at 0.7920. Unfortunately, the rebound from 0.7825 turned out to be stronger than expected, the position was stopped at 0.7955. As we were keeping the view of top formation at 0.8020, we sold swissy again at 0.7965 and the position finally met its target at 0.7830 (with 135 points profit, equivalent to 170 points profit in EUR/USD), price slipped to 0.7807 before recovering.
The long position entered in USD/JPY in the previous week at 76.55 was stopped last Friday at 76.20 as the pair sink to a fresh record low of 75.94, however, dollar staged another sharp rebound from there to 77.23 today.
We also bought cable at 1.6350 in view of the cross-strength in sterling, the pound did find good buying interest at 1.6323 and rose again to 1.6478 (our long position met target at 1.6460 with 110 points profit), then 1.6585 and eventually to 1.6618 on Friday.
Although we have been holding a bullish view on EUR/USD and bought the pair at 1.4375 early last week, the retreat from 1.4477 was deeper than expected, the position was stopped at 1.4365 but renewed buying interest emerged at 1.4325 and pushed euro higher to 1.4517 before slipping again to 1.4259 later last week.
In short, 6 positions were entered among all 4 currency pairs with total profit of 188 points and the positiona are listed below:

10 Aug: USD/JPY - Long at 76.55, exited at 76.20 (- 35 points)

16 Aug: EUR/USD - Long at 1.4375, exited at 1.4365 (- 10 points)

16 Aug: GBP/USD - Long at 1.6350, exited at 1.6460 (+110 points)

17 Aug: USD/CHF - Long at 0.7850, exited at 0.7873 (+ 23 points)

17 Aug: USD/CHF - Short at 0.7920, exited at 0.7955 (- 35 points)

18 Aug: USD/CHF - Short at 0.7965, exited at 0.7830 (+135 points)

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