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Shariar Porosh
04-04-2021, 07:01 AM
Queenbee(QBZ) (https://www.reddit.com/r/QBZ/)

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Queenbee(QBZ) coin free Apple Watch 6 series and more giveaway event!

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Giveaway Apple Watch 6 Series & Airpods Pro and more

Join our event to celebrate the grand opening of the Global QBZ communities.

1. Event period(KST): 04/01/2021 00:00~ 04/07/2021 23:59

2. Event Contents: To Celebrate the grand opening of the global communities of QBZ, we're giving out gifts through a random raffle to the QBZ official Reddit community and those who participated in the discord channel.

3. Participation Guidelines☡ : You can participate through taking screenshots that you have registered in the official QBZ Reddit community and answering the questionnaire with your discord ID. Winners will be announced through the official community after the event on Monday, April 12. We will contact the winners individually through the Telegram ID you entered.

1) Join our official Reddit community! Queenbee (QBZ) - The Financial Paradigm Shift (https://www.reddit.com/r/QBZ/)
2) Join our Official Discord community! Official QueenBee Global Community (https://discord.gg/fSrGNAGCfA)
3) Submit the survey form then done! https://forms.gle/JfdDssCudUeUL28t8

For more details: https://queenbee-io.medium.com/event-to-celebrate-the-grand-opening-of-the-global-qbz-communities-1eaee2925ddc

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