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Shariar Porosh
03-25-2021, 07:53 AM
WOM Launches Campaign Manager and Unlocks Marketing Channel For Brands


Today our project reached its next major milestone as we officially launched the WOM Campaign Manager (https://cm.womprotocol.io/home) giving brands direct access to quality-controlled word-of-mouth marketing content.

Brands are already indirect benefactors of WOM’s user-generated marketing channel thanks to a rising number of consumers joining participating apps such as YEAY to create brand and product recommendations of their choice in exchange for WOM Tokens. Now brands can directly access this content and increase its exposure and conversion through targeted marketing campaigns.

Since integrating the WOM Protocol at the start of last year the YEAY app has accumulated more than 30,000 product recommendation videos, generating more than 3 million views, contributing to an ever-growing pool of authentic user-generated content featuring shoppable links. Creators must stake tokens and pass their content through peer review before being able to generate performance-based rewards meaning that only the highest-quality and most-engaged content filters through to the WOM Campaign Manager.

The appeal of a marketing channel that puts the creator in control over what they promote has not been lost on lifestyle influencers looking for a way to monetize while remaining authentic. WOM’s untapped pool of organic brand content already includes recommendations from influencers including the famous 13-year-old gamer, Faze H1ghsyk1, successful Youtuber and Streamer, grantthegoat, famous European songwriter and musician, lukasrieger. The highest earner so far received a payout of more than $2,000 in WOM Tokens (thanks to the level of engagement their content generated) despite earning nothing from the same activities on TikTok.

The model gives micro influencers with highly engaged audiences a strong incentive to monetize through WOM, and this is the driving force behind the latest creator house in LA. Here lifestyle and crypto influencers, including musician and TikTok star, keemokazi, and TikTok stars, swagboyq, alexyoumazzo, and daynamarie, are collaborating on content, while educating their social media communities about crypto content monetization.

How It Works


1. Brands gain access by setting up a free account via the WOM Campaign Manager. Once logged in you’ll be able to browse through the entire library of WOM-approved video content and search for your own branded and competitor content.

2. Next you’ll need to set up a wallet and purchase WOM Tokens directly in the Campaign Manager.

3. After that simply select the videos you want to add to your campaign. You can filter by your brand or specific product sets.

4. Set your campaign criteria, including dates and budget, then launch your campaign to boost selected videos with increased exposure on the YEAY platform.

5. You can monitor the success of your campaign, drill into the performance of individual videos, and add and remove content at any time.


The WOM Campaign Manager can also help you drive consideration and purchases further down the funnel and we will soon be releasing more information about our available suite of ecommerce tools.

Create an account for free today to access, track and scale authentic word of mouth for your marketing campaigns: WOM (https://cm.womprotocol.io/home)
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