View Full Version : How Andrew Schneider And Blockchain.com Are Stealing Bitcoins

03-04-2021, 01:27 PM
Blockchain.com is one of the world's latest cryptocurrency wallet providers and is sadly trusted by millions. These people are putting their savings at major risk as on countless occasions funds have not been showing in wallets even though they have been confirmed on the blockchain. If you contact support do not expect to get any help whatsoever and especially do not email the lead developer Andrew Schneider. I tried to reach out to him and his response is below:

I'm not willing to take time out of my day to do anything for you. Please continue working with our support team to get your issue resolved.

Over $1,000 in BTC that is confirmed on the blockchain is not showing in my wallet which is why I am writing this post which will be followed up by press releases to help warn others not to store their money at Blockchain.com. If you are thinking about doing so do not make the same mistake that I did and not check out the horrendous reviews at google play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=piuk.blockchain.android) along with finding out what Reddit has to say.

Below is a link showing my transaction confirmed on the blockchain:

Bitcoin / Address / 1KUPJ6keLbdb4Q3GQfY8tNdaryrZv48DHP — Blockchair (https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/address/1KUPJ6keLbdb4Q3GQfY8tNdaryrZv48DHP)

I was stupid in thinking that just because a bitcoin transaction is confirmed on the blockchain that it is guaranteed to show in your wallet. If you are using a hardware wallet you will not face these problems, but dodgy wallet providers with bad lead developers like Andrew Schneider means your bitcoin is not safe.

As you can see from my screenshot, all transactions were missing on the 1st of February 2021.


These transactions were missing for a few hours as I kept on checking to try to figure out if I had been hacked or what had gone on. An error message then showed and all but one transaction were showing again in my wallet.

The second picture shows the transaction confirmed on the blockchain missing from the transactions report.


The third picture shows the actual error and complete proof that it is an error on behalf of the wallet created by Andrew Schneider and his team that took the BTC. 1 month later, 10 emails to support later and zero response now for over 3 weeks. Surly this type of behavior is against the law and the FSA and Financial Ombudsman need to step in to stop this type of fraud happening in the blockchain space.


If you ever see the above error message showing in your blockchain.com wallet, you can forget about receiving your bitcoin even though it is confirmed on the blockchain. These funds have been scammed by lead web developer Andrew Schneider and his team. I am trying to fight back for those that are in my same situation and bring down this crooked developer.