View Full Version : Binance API trading bot solid profit of 30% on average

Shariar Porosh
02-20-2021, 02:07 PM
MindSynch (https://mindsynch.com/)

https://mindsynch.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/MIndsynch-1-300x64.png (https://mindsynch.com/)

hey guys, I am using this bot which brings me a solid return in the past three years. I have a referral code for discounted transaction fees on Binance with this API. Do you want to try it out? Best Crypto Trading Bot - Automated Trading System - MindSynch OneBit (https://mindsynch.com/)

OneBit is a smart #cryptotrading bot that runs 20+ dynamic trading strategies simultaneously every 15 minutes for profit maximization. As API bot traded on, OneBit 2020 return is 230%, Jan 17%, Feb 76%. Min trading amount US$10K.

MindSynch OneBit is a Cryptocurrency Smart Trading System and Originally Designed Automated Bot which is simple to use even for beginners.

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