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Shariar Porosh
01-31-2021, 06:17 AM
YPro (https://ypro.finance/)

https://i.postimg.cc/4NWKkpHg/logo-dark11.png (https://ypro.finance/)

YPro.Finance - Great DeFi project - Farm, Swap, Stake crypto and get reward. ICO sale!

YPro.Finance is a DeFi project. Right now we are working on developing and launching three main products - yield farming platform (YPro.Farm) - official public launch 25 February 2021, token staking platform (YPro.Stake), and a protocol for exchanging ERC-20 tokens (YPro.Swap)

https://i.imgur.com/8ZvEchI.jpeg (https://ypro.finance/)

YPRO token holders will be able to earn passive returns by depositing and locking up YPRO and uniswap LPs tokens to our farms or by staking these tokens. In the future, there will be more options to get rewards because we're planning to launch YPro.Governance, YPro.Vaults and YPro.Lending and YPro.Borrow platforms.


YPro Farm launch information: (Public launch 25 February 2021)

YPro.Farm platform is nearly completed and will be officially launch to the public on 25 February 2021. (After YPro Token sale)
It is a DeFi App, being technically supported with smart contract YPro Farm Token (YPF).


Anyone holding Uniswap LP tokens can stake those LP tokens into the corresponding initial list of pools. Once done, they will start earning YPF tokens as reward.

The list of eligible LP tokens can be added per on-chain governance.

At every block, 150 YPF tokens will be created. These tokens will be equally distributed to the stakers of each of the supported pools.


Important! As the introductory launch offer, the platform will generate 4x more YPF rewards per block (600 YPF) during the first 7 days after launch, divided by the proportional share of the pool. The exception to this will be “YPRO/YPRO” pool which will have a 4x proportional share as compared to other pools. After 7 days, the reward will be set to 150 YPF per block.

Check short video presenting how our farm works: YPro.Farm - Farm with us and earn extra crypto tokens! Platform public launch - 25 Feb 2021 - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIVJLpKWvfI) (test mode)

YPRO Tokenomics:


[b]Name: YPro Token
Symbol: YPRO
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 250,000 YPRO
Starting price: 0.7$
Smart Contract: 0x067085aA0FF4e97A3C61BF06DE618E0aAe11DBc2

Description About our ICO II stage:


II Stage Token Sale information:

Date of sale: 30.01.2021-04.02.2021
Available tokens: 27 272 YPRO + 2 727 YPRO bonusses
YPro Token price: 0.8 USDT / 0.0006 ETH
Bonus tokens: 10%

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