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Shariar Porosh
09-24-2020, 10:28 AM
TRUMPSWAP (https://trumpswap.finance/)

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TrumpSwap has innovated on the basis of Uniswap and SushiSwap's gameplay, and pioneered a shared incentive model. Users can get rich rewards by sharing. Will TrumpSwap become the next dark horse after Uniswap and SuhiSwap? Let's wait and see!

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Hayden Adams developed Uniswap with extraordinary creativity: “Liquidity pools allow users to easily switch between tokens in a fully decentralized and non-custodial way. Meanwhile, liquidity providers earn a passive income from trading fees that is based on the proportion of their contribution to the pool.” Uniswap is a huge innovation for the entire crypto economy, it has changed the way people swap cryptocurrencies. SushiSwap, MoonSwap, and other swaps have made further improvements to Uniswap.

These protocols are exciting. However, most of them are quite similar with limited innovations. They hardly survive 3 days on average. Why? The community is the key! We believe that the community is the most important part of the crypto ecosystem, and everyone within the community should benefit from crypto-economy growth. This is our mission.

Integrating Uniswap’s elegant core design, we created the idea of share mining, a community-oriented instrument, in TrumpSwap community. You share, you mine, you mine, you earn!

Protocol introduction

Token Distribution

The total amount of TRUMP is 14,286,000, which will be released in about 1 year.
1. 30,000 TRUMP will be pre-mined for initial liquidity providing, and all initial TRUMP will be destroyed.

2. 2,381,000 TRUMP is allocated for share mining.

3. 11,875,000 TRUMP will be distributed through mining, of which 90% will be distributed to users/miners and 10% will be reserved for the team.

Mining will be divided into 5 stages:

Genesis Mining: 50 TRUMP/block, total 50,000 blocks (~7 days)

Stage 1: 10 TRUMP/block, total 500,000 blocks (~75 days)

Stage 2: 5 TRUMP/blcok, total 500,000 blocks (~75 days)

Stage 3: 2.5 TRUMP/block, total 500,000 blocks (~75 days)

Stage 4: 1.25 TRUMP/block, total 500,000 blocks (~75 days)

When the Ethereum block height reaches 10906076, at about 14:00, 21 September (UTC), we will start the “Genesis Mining”. The initial set of available pools are:

TRUMP/ETH: weight 70%
YFI/ETH: weight 5%
MEFI/ETH:weight 5%
YFII/ETH: weight 5%
UNI/ETH: weight 5%
ABYSS/ETH: weight 2.5%
SUSHI/ETH: weight 2.5%
USDT/ETH: weight 2.5%
WBTC/ETH: weight 2.5%

More pools can be added and their weights can be adjusted later, which all depend on the community.

Share mining

In TrumpSwap, to motivate early farmers and participants who share TrumpSwap to a greater extent, we have set up a sharing incentive mechanism. Every participant who shares TrumpSwap can get “thank you” rewards. You don’t have to participate in mining, don’t have to provide liquidity for TrumpSwap, what you need to do? So easy! Just share TrumpSwap to your friends, after your friends start mining, you can earn TRUMP simultaneously.

The sharing incentive system will be divided into 3 levels:

1. Farmers who participating in mining through your sharing links. Your friends will be considered as “direct sharing friends” and we provide a “direct sharing reward”. You will get a sharing reward equivalent to 10% TRUMP output from your friends’ mining output.

2. Farmers who participating in mining through your direct sharing friends’ sharing links. They will be considered as “first-level sharing friends” and we provide a “first-level sharing reward”. You will receive a sharing reward equivalent to 5% TRUMP output from their mining output.

3. Farmers who participating in mining through your first-level sharing friends’ sharing links, which we call “second-level sharing friends”. Similarly, we provide a “second-level sharing reward” which equivalent to 4% of the TRUMP mined by your second-level sharing friends.

4. You can also bind your referrer when you are mining. You will get an additional 1% reward of TRUMP output.
In order to receive the sharing rewards, you need to share your links with your friends. They can log in TrumpSwap.finance through the link. They need to bind their Ethereum wallet (e.g. MetaMask ) and select the liquid pool to participate in the mining. You will start to receive sharing rewards when they start mining.

Please notice, you will not receive the sharing rewards only after your friends participate in mining and have TRUMP output. Also, all your sharing relations will be recorded on the Ethereum chain.

Multiple incentives for liquidity providers

We agree with NomiChef’s view that in traditional AMM,“Liquidity providers only earn the pool’s trading fees when they are actively providing said liquidity. Once they have withdrawn their portion of the pool, they no longer receive that passive income. Moreover, as protocol gains traction, despite being early liquidity providers, they risk getting their return diluted as (bigger and wealthier) stakeholders such as venture funds, exchanges, mining pools join the protocol with a huge amount of capital.” We used part of SushiSwap’s design, and we could give our LPs multiple incentives at the same time.

1.Feel free to enjoy your share mining
2.Become TrumpSwap LP and earn TRUMP
3.Become TrumpSwap LP and earn tokens from TrumpSwap partners
4.Join our FOMO campaign
5.When the community grows, we will open new incentives, which will be announced at that time.

Security Audit

Security means everything to us, we have carried out very detailed testing. Also, we have invited Chaitin, PeckShield, Slowmist to conduct a third-party audit of our code, which will probably be completed in a few days.

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